Pediatric Core Clerkship Program

Hope Children's Hopsital
Pediatric Core Clerkship Program
Welcome to Hope Children's Hospital!  The aim of this rotation is to expose you to Pediatrics as a speciality.  A certain routine is followed at Hope Children's Hospital, which may or may not be the same as followed at other institutions.
Please read the following carefully.
  1. You will be assigned specific rotations and responsibilities similar to those of a first-year resident.
  2. You are expected to be totally responsible for your patients under the supervision of the Pediatric Intern.
  3. You may write and sign orders, but these orders have to be countersigned by your senior resident before they can be carried out.
  4. Medical students will discuss admissions with the intern and Senior Resident, who will contact the attending physician. 
  5. You are welcome to use the medical library of the hospital and department.  Please make sure that all books are checked out appropriately and returned promptly.
  6. The Senior Pediatric Resident on the ward is assigned to act as your preceptor.  Please remain in touch with that individual for any problem that may arise and make sure it is discussed and resolved before your rotation is over.
  7. Evaluations will be filed periodically and factor in many components. The final evaluation will be sent at the end of your rotation.  If you have any questions about how these evaluations are prepared, please bring them up for discussion.  The evaluations take into consideration several parameters, including:
    1. Attitude
    2. Personality
    3. Adequacy of Performance
    4. Acquired Knowledge
    5. Admission H & Ps
  8. If attendings or lecturers fail to show up for their scheduled session, or if there are other perceived problems that interfere with the learning experience, they should be brought to the attention of Ellen (ext. 41-5682), Dr. Mehta (41-1253, pgr. 4435),  or Dr. Nelson (41-1257, pgr. 2713) at the time they occur.
  1. No changes in the schedules can be made without consulting both Ellen and Dr. Mehta or Dr. Nelson.
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