Medical Students

Hope Children's Hospital plays a large role in education and every year over 175 3rd- and 4th-year students fulfill their medical school requirements by rotating for 6-8 weeks at Hope.  Third year medical students have their first exposure to pediatrics by spending three weeks rotating on the general pediatrics floors, one week each in the ambulatory clinics, newborn nursery, and elective (pediatric sub-speciality). 

Students spend their time working with the residents in each area, take in-house calls, and evaluate new patients with the resident teams.  Each student learns and hones his or her skills by taking initial histories and performing physical exams on new patients while also following and caring for established patients admitted to the general floors.  Students attend and participate in daily morning reports and attending rounds.  They are responsible for presentations, graded history and physicals, and challenging weekly quizes. As part of the resident team, students play an integral part in patient care. 

In addition to the core pediatrics rotation, Hope offers opportunities to rotate as a 4th year medical student in a variety of specialities as well as a sub-intern on the pediatric floors, PICU, and NICU.  Sub-interns work directly with the senior resident on the floor and are encouraged to work at the level of a first-year resident. 

Core Clerkship

Residency Program

The Advocate Christ Medical Center Pediatric Residency Program is dedicated to preparing physicians for a career in pediatrics, whether as a subspecialist or generalist. During the three-year program, residents are exposed to a rich variety of pediatric experiences at AdvocateChildren's Hospital-Oak Lawn from the diagnostic dilemmas and management challenges of primary care to highly sophisticated and unusual examples of tertiary care. Over the past 10 years, our graduates have obtained a wide variety of fellowships, at excellent programs including the Northwestern University- Lurie Children's Hospital, University of Pennsylvania (CHOP), Baylor, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, UC-San Diego, Mayo Clinic, Ohio State, University of Pittsburgh, Children's Memorial, Emory University, University of Michigan, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and Medical College of Wisconsin.